UK Angling & Fishing Videos and DVD’s on the joys of being by the waterside with Chris Yates, Bob James and Hugh Miles.

Passion Fishing

A Passion for Angling


A grand fishing adventure across Britain
with Chris Yates & Bob James


“The greatest fishing series ever made.”

- Angling Times - 2003 -

“Fishing's greatest ever programme - A Passion for Angling has become fishings’ modern day cultural icon.”

- Angling Times - 2004 -

“They’re the best that's ever been produced. There are not enough superlatives to truthfully describe “A Passion for Angling” it’s that good.”

- Improve your Coarse Fishing -

“The films are unique, not just for the stunning photography but also for their humour.”

- The Independent -

 Childhood Dreams & Redmire Legends

In Search of Salmon & Autumn Glory


Midwinter Madness & Monster Myths

Angling Barbel

The much acclaimed series of six BBC films in which famous anglers Chris Yates and Bob James take us on a grand fishing adventure across Britain.

Childhood Dreams. A journey of rediscovery. Chris and Bob prove the secret of success is not how to catch, but how to enjoy.

Redmire Legends. Record-breaking carp fisher Chris Yates returns to the scene of his triumph to find that carp fishing demands unlikely and amusing techniques if success is to be enjoyed.

In Search of Salmon. On a lighthearted journey through Scotland, Bob and Chris find that there's more to angling than catching fish.

Autumn Glory. Venturing out to the famous Hampshire Avon we discover that the wonderful autumn fishing described in the angling literature still exists in glorious profusion.

Midwinter Madness. The true angler's favourite season. Venturing out on a cold winter's day Chris and Bob find that the legend of the River Kennet is not one fish, but two.

Monster Myths. Inspired by the stories of a record carp that swims in an ancient estate lake, Bob and Chris set out on their ultimate challenge; to capture the monster of the myth.






“What I’m particularly proud of is that it helps non-anglers, the wives and girlfriends to understand why we have to go fishing.” Chris Yates 2004

“Incorporates everything I hold dear in fishing.” John Wilson 1993

“Hilarious - a work of pure genius - the first time the joy of fishing has been captured on film.” David Hall 1993



“Surely the greatest series of films ever made on fishing. The magic of Hugh Miles’ photography and the contrast between Bob James and Chris Yates captured anglers and non-anglers alike…” Angling Times 2003

“The best television angling show ever screened - Chris’ gentle approach did wonders to help improve anglings image.” Angling Times 2003

The release of A Passion for Angling in 1993 was voted the tenth greatest fishing moment of all time by Angling Times in 2003



A Passion for Angling, DVD Presentation Pack.
2 x DVD’s 6 x 50min. films. The complete series. Full colour presentation insert included. £38.50 (U.K. p&p included).

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